The Las Vegas Mass Shooting

A few hours ago, a gunman killed about 50 people in Las Vegas.

If we’re going by kill count like it’s a high score, this is the worst shooting in American history.

People pray, cynics lament about the praying, people demand political reform, and spoken words of love amass.

The whole human host reacts to the killing of one of their own. I imagine a mob of emotions rising up as our collective psyches scream out.

The emotions spread, like a heartbeat, through a populace. And it reverberates in the hearts and minds…of people.

This event was a powerful one. And it’s going to lodge itself into the neural matter of millions of souls.

It’s going to change our behavior — it’ll shift the behaviors of many…ever so slightly.

And I wonder to what end or new beginning we’re being pushed to.

Surely each tragedy has not passed us by without a mark. Surely each has left an indelible mark on us.

9/11 was an impactful event. And the world we live in today can be (to some extent) traced back to that day in a chain of cause-and-effect.

But I wonder what about the “smaller” events?

Will we able to see the paths they lead to?

Or is something building?

Something intolerable, like a splinter, pushing itself deeper into the viscous matter of our brains.

I wonder.

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