Remember Your Dreams


Photo by Florian Pérennès

When you daydream, your brain makes novel connections between unrelated concepts.

Have you ever heard how thinkers have their best insights while walking or bathing?

It’s because in that space, their mind is free to wander and wonder, making connections, finding the path between two ideas.

I think dreams are an intense version of this.

We know most learning occurs during REM sleep. And dreaming primarily occurs during REM sleep.

It seems enough to say then, when you dream you learn.

I don’t believe that means every dream symbolizes some moral lesson.

Rather, dreams are like reflections in a pool, reflecting the deep abyss inside, roaring with tremendous force — a battle of torrential underwater storms, though all may appear calm on the surface.

Dreams are like bubbles rising to the surface of an ocean, only hinting at the cosmic battles underneath.

I think we should pay attention to our dreams, in the same way one pays attention to their emotions. We should pay attention because, our subconscious deems that it’s important enough to learn.

To be aware — to dream and to know…of the bitter truths of your soul—to accept, to awake again.

You see what you are, but do you know it?

Will you dream again?

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